挂牌天书 /Paralympics 2012: Shelly Woods is ready to go for four wheelchair golds in London

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  Once inside the cockpit there is no wriggle【2020年老跑狗图97期 】 room. A heart rate monitor 【2016年马会117期 】【2017年48期老跑狗图 】is strapped to your chest, an oxygen mask tightened over your mouth and nose. The motor switches on and the belt starts to turn;【2020玄机图白小姐 】 slowly at first, getting faster in

a hurry. You suck【牛蛙彩图库跑狗图 】 in air as your pulse quickens. Your arms are working hard no【香港万众堂买马结果 】w. Your

hands, in specially designed m【2o16年白姐旗袍a图 】itts, spinning the wheels. On the roads, whe【三六回头望十五猜一肖 】re she easily won this year’s Wheelchair London Marat【四不像必中一肖016 】hon, Shelly Wood

s will hit speeds of up to 33km pe【曾道人正版综合资料 】r hour. But today she is not on the streets of the capital, venue for

the Paralympics marathon on August 9, nor Black

pool, where she lives and trains. Neither is the 26-year-old on the tr【彩霸王三肖6码 】ack at the Olympic Stadium, where over the next fortnight she will also race for gold over 800m, 1500m and 5000m. She is in her racing wheelchair on a treadmill

at St Mary’s College in London, workin【2020白小姐免费一肖中特 】g through【八伴四六旺本期 】 her 150km weekly t【武汉江滩风景好的餐厅 】raining schedule. Woods could have given up on l【2020年第144期吗跑狗图 】ife at 【九龙心水四不像论坛 】th【黄金现货精准分析论坛 】e age of 11 when she fell 20 feet out of a tree and suffered spinal injuries【2020新版129期跑狗图 】 that left her unable to walk. She did

briefly think about it. “It was a real battle, coming to terms with my accident,” she admit【2020年69期新版跑狗图 】s. “【2017正版通天报彩图 】As much as【一点红最新传密 】 you t

ry t【曾解一肖中特 】o stay posi

tive, you do go through tough days. “I remembe【连码四七靠三活猜一肖 】r being upset with mum and dad, asking over and over ‘why has this happ【新版跑狗吧凌波解图 】ened to me?’ But there’s nothing you can do【红姐心水论坛开奖记录 】 to change it. It was unfortunate, but you just can’t let it ruin everything.” No longer able to play football and netball and run around as she had before, Wood【2020香港马经生肖图 】s sought another o

utlet for her ener【2020第五十五期跑狗图 】gy and competitive spirit. “I couldn’t just do nothing,”

she explains. “Someone suggested I give wheelchair racing a go. I tried it and I was good at it. The better I became the more seriously I took【香港 赛马会 吃饭 】 it.” At the age of 18 Woods broke【年006期金太跑狗图 】 the course record at the mini London Marathon. Thr【246天天好彩马会原创 】ee years later she won the full London Marathon for the first time. By the time she won it agai【挂牌红姐小心中特网 】n this year she had become British record holder for that distance as well as 400m, 800m, 5,000m and 1,500m, at which she also holds the world 【2020香港马会024跑狗图 】record. “When I go into schools children ask me if I wish I hadn’t had my accident,” she says. “I do, obviously. I wanted to be a PE teacher, I will never know what my life would have been like. “It happened 15 years ago, on August 7. Each year on that day, I think about it and what might have been. But you can’t stay angry. “People migh【246图库玄机天天好彩开奖 】t t【港台神算是谁? 】hink becau【二四六天天好彩毎期玄机字 】se you’re 【青海赛马会网址 】in a wheelchair and can’t do this

and that, your life’s over. It’s quite the opposite. You can still do a lot if you put your mind to it, if you have a dream.” Tak【东张西望猜一肖 】e the strain: Our 【跑狗图网址是多少钱 】man Alex Spink tries out Shellys gruelling treadmill (Image: Ale【尾数中特网址大全 】x Spink) The treadmill has reached 27km/h (16.8mph), the speed Woods averag【2020年新版跑狗图48 】ed when dominatin【南京马会置业有限公司 】g this year’s London Marathon from start to finish, crossing the line with almost four minutes to spare.【黄大仙十救世报 】 To put 【六畜之中我得宠打一肖 】that in contest Usain Bolt averages 37.3km/h (23.2mph) - but that is for 200m, not 42km. She turns the wheels, seemingly with ease. She has London on her mind, and improving on【搜索跑狗亥机图高清 】 the【2020新版高清跑狗图 】 silver and bronze medals she won at Beijing in 2008. A timer sounds to end her session. The treadmill【vr三分彩平台 香港 】【2020年澳门劳工直招 】 slows to 【二四六公式一肖资料 】a halt and Woods eases off. London’s 【2020年第10期跑狗图 】calling. She is ready. British Airways, the official airline of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is proud to su【2018年最新版管家婆软件 】pport She【2017马会葡京赌侠 】lly Woods.