香港马会开结果直播现场直播 &Catholic nuns 'sexually abused boy and beat friend, 6, to death for playing with match'

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  A six-year-old boy died 10 d【2020年的047期精准六肖中特 】ays after he was beaten by a nun at an orphanage, a child abuse inquiry has heard. A witnes【跑狗c报 】s, who cannot be na

med, told the inquiry his friend was kicked on the body and head by the Catholic sister. He was giving evidence at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry whic【2020 一043新版跑狗图 】h began a【老跑狗正版图金 】 new phase of hearings in Edinburgh on Tuesday. It is hearing evidence about institutions run【73期6合采开什么特码 】 by the Daughters of Charity of St【20018年高清跑狗玄机图 】 Vincent de Paul, which has issued an apology to anyone abused in their care. The man said he was s

exually abused by a nun and another member of staff and beaten for bedwetting and not eating his food at Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanark, Lanarkshire. The witne【第081期跑狗图 】ss entered the orphanage in 1【2017精准六肖期期中 】959 wh【跑狗图牛魔王开奖资料 】en【新版跑狗图片每期更新 】 he was a【马会资料管家婆图库 】ged around two. A nun beat his【百万二四六图片玄机 】 friend who died in hospital, the witness said (Ima【2020香港致富三肖六码官网 】ge: UK DATABASE) He said that beati【六肖六码必选一肖】ngs at the institution were routine, and 【伯乐相马经荐123 】that on one occasion when he wa【四五左右码打一生肖 】s aged around six his friend was beaten after playing with a match. He said: It was unfortunate but at that time the sister came around the corner and said whats wrong 【跑狗论坛888 香港 】and I said he burned my hand and she just grabbed him and started hitting him and pu【玄机跑狗彩图 - 百度 】nching him. He was on the floor and she was kicking him on his body and his head. I s

aid please sister,【马会玄机图2017第85期 】 please dont hurt him. She stopped when I lay on top of him.【跑狗玄机图2020最新 】 He said he next saw his frie【三七逢做大戏打一肖 】nd in the sick room and the inquiry heard the boy was in hospital for ar

ound 10 days before he died. The witness said he begged the sister to stop beating h【2020年香港赛马结果 】is friend (Image: UK DATABASE) A BBC and Sunday Post investigation earlier this year 【港台神算0340四肖中特料 】f【正版港彩一码 】ound that at least 400 children from Smyllum 【白小姐必赢A 】Park are 【金财神中特网78333 】thought to be buried in an unmarked grave at the towns St Marys Cemetery. The orphanage was home to more than 10,000 children between opening in 1864 a【第132期马报彩图 】nd closing in 1981. Prosecutors have said there is no evidence that a crime has been committed at the orphanage in relation to reports of the mass grave. The witness also told how he was sexually abused b【状元红高手论坛第一尖 】y a nun, and described abuse by a lay female member of staff. (Image: Getty Images Europe) He told how children who 【马会猪哥报香港马会玄机图2016 】wet th【六台心水论坛 】e bed were made to stand with the wet sheets round their neck i【跑狗图自动功新 】n the morning, and were also hit for bedwetting. The inquiry later heard from a woman who entered Smyllum Park in 1960 as a baby and left whe【香港赛马会论坛(实力单双)已公开 】n she was seven or eight. She told how children 【欲钱买风流才子的动物打一生肖 】who wet the bed would be dragged out of bed and put in a cold bat【六开彩电话猜 】h. (You were) battered【马会生活幽默正版挂牌 】 for wetting the bed and told you were immoral, she said. Whatever they had to hand, they hit you with it. She also told how siblings or other children would be made 【正版幽默马会生活幽默玄机图 】to watch the beatings as an example. The witness described one nun a【风吹不管游人醉猜一肖 】t the inst【2017彩图114全年图库 】itution as behaving like a psychotic nutter and said her deme【香港六盒宝典开奖现场直播 】anour was like pure evil. A statement from the late campaigner Frank 【二四左右有玄机是什么生肖 】Docherty, who had waived his right to anonymity, was also 【跑狗图一字记之曰天 】read out at the inq

uiry. He 【奇人绝杀三相 】described how he turned to alcohol in his earlier years to help him deal with the anger he felt as a result of the horrendous abuse at Smyllum Park. Describing a beating from one sister, he said: I got【香港正版苹果报彩图 】 the biggest doing of my life from a holy nun... I couldnt believe it was happening to me. He told how children who wet the bed were tre【4887 铁算盘高手论坛 】ated like the scum of the earth. His statement also referred to the death o【藏宝阁欲钱诗猜一肖68期 】f a boy days after he was seen being hit by a nun. That was covered up, the statement said. In opening statements to the inquiry on Tuesday John Scott QC, senior counsel for In Care Abuse Surviv【正版通天报e963开奖 】ors (Incas), said the name Smyllum will be forever ass【2020东方心经大彩图 】oci【王中王论坛498888 】ated with suffering. Solicitor Gregor Rolfe, counsel for the Daughter【8o8occ 】s of Charity,【2015香港彩开奖结果 】 reiterat【新版跑狗图每做笔记期自动更新 】ed the apology made by the order at the conclusion of the first phase of the inquiry. Their statement said: As Daughters of Charity our values are totally ag

ainst any form of abuse and thus we offer our most sincere and heartfelt apologies to anyone who suffered any form of abuse in our care. The inquiry is chaired by Lady Smith.