不三不四打一生肖 WWE Money In The Bank 2015: Results and review

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  A surprise return 【二四六天好彩信息中心 】by Bray Wyatt enabled Sheamus to win the Money In The Bank briefcase at Romans R

eigns expense. Seven WWE Superstars competed in the ladder match for a contract guaranteeing a world title sho【2019年新版跑狗图搜索网页 】t at any

time and place. Reigns looked to have the briefcase wo

n after a dominant showing【旧版跑狗图免费下载 】 in the opening bout of the night. But as he climbed the ladder the lights went out and Wyatt appeared and hit his Sister Abigail finisher on Roman. With the remaining competitors floored at ringside, Shea【管家婆彩图2020 年83期 】mus outfought Neville to seize the golden opportunity. The tribute to Dust【88期神算报彩图 】y Rhodes (Image: WWE) The show began with a poignant 10-bell salute in tribute to the late grea【彩图中心一点红 】t Dusty Rhodes, who died on Thursday. The entire locker-room【新加坡赛马会官网 】 plus WWE owner Vince McMahon paid their respects to The American Dream. It was hard not to get emotional when seeing the sorrow etched on the faces of NXT graduates l【新版跑狗图第23期更新 】ike Paige and Kevin Owens, who were mentored by the WW【88期新片跑狗图 】E Hall of Famer. The Money In The Bank ladder match, which opened【香港彩票论坛官方端口 】 the show, was just as entertaining as expected. Neville made a strong impression, the highlight being a stunning Red Arrow on Sheamus. Reigns wa【二四六天资料全 综合查询 】s subject to boos despite a good performance, in which he powerbombed Kofi on a ladder and Neville on top of him, before taking out six men with a huge plancha over the top rope. As The Authoritys Director of Operations, Kanes main role seemed t

o be to try and stop Reigns, which he managed until Randy Orton took control with a series of RKOs. The first two on Kane and Kofi we【有没有马报的网址 】re fairly standard, but the third, when he swung Neville by his feet off the ladder and nailed the move mid-air, was a bit special. Dolph Zigger contin【必中蒋介石打一生肖? 】ued his feud with Sheamus atop the ladder, with the Irishman【六开彩 材料 】 teasing White Noise before the Show-Off pulled him down to the ma【2018-054期新版跑狗图 】t with a modified Zig Zag. It was good to see Kofi taken seriously and he also impressed, although it was hard to see him winning, even with the help of his New Day pals Big E and Xavier Woods. Sheamus celebrates winning the Money In The Bank ladder match (Image: WWE) With

most fans and pundits predicting a straightforward win for Reigns, the choice of Sheamus as a WWE World Heavyweight Champion in waiting is intriguing. This is the kickstart Sheamus latest run has needed, since returning to action with a new look and entrance and hi【四十中特来打一肖 】s classic bully persona. C

learly WWE officials have great faith in his character. The Money In The Bank briefcase tends to suit a heel rather t【中秋是特马打一生肖 】han a face, as the nature of the cash-in is befitting of a cowardly, opportunist attack on a face champion. Sheamus may have to wait a little while for that scenario, as Seth Rollins re

tained his WWE World Heavyweight Cha【2016精准杀三肖资料 】mpionship against Dean Ambrose. The background to thi【2019最新资料118期 】s ladder match was that Rollins had insisted he did not need the help of his friends in The Authority, so neither JJ Security or Kane were at ringside. Before the bout Triple H gave Roll

ins a rousing pep-talk and told him to sho【跑狗图清晰版自动更新 】w the fans just how good he really is. Seth did just that with a narrow victory over Ambrose, following a gruelling main event. Ambrose looked to have the upper hand early on when he hit Rollins with a Bionic elbow in tribute to Dusty Rhodes off the top of a ladder. Yet w【谁有2017第79期跑狗图 】hen he scaled the ladder Rollins attacked his left knee with a metal chair, before further punishing the limb with a figure-four leglock on the ring post. It was a smart approach and the champion shouted “are you going to climb with one leg?” before hanging Ambrose in a tree of woe and smashing his kneecap again with a chair. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose battle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Image: WWE) But Ambrose would not give up and continued to fight back with pendulum lariats, all the while selling his injured knee like a pro. One great spot saw him toss Rollins over his head onto a ladder outside the ring, which snapped in half. He nailed his Dirty Deeds finisher on the announce table but was unable to climb the ladd【2018三十码期期必中特 】er quickly enough 【2020年148另版老版跑狗图 】on one leg – especially when Rollins hit it with a TV monitor. The zombie-like Ambrose just would not lay down so after driving【何仙姑跑狗玄机图 高清 】 him onto the mat with a Pedigree, Rollins displayed his sadistic edg【100期玄机图 】e, twice powerbombing him into a barrier – the second looking like a tough bump – and onto a ladder. He even buried The Lunatic Fringe in a pile of chairs, which to be honest, should have been the end of Ambrose. In a dramatic finale both men fell off the ladder with their hands on the title belt, only for Ambrose to release his grasp as they hit the canvas. This was a great finish to a cracking match, the only criticism being that it perhaps went on a little too long. John Cena attacks Kevin Owens (Image: WWE) The bo【2019年117期白小姐特码图 】ut of the night however was undoubtedly the second clash between Kevin Owens and John Cena. Owens won the first match-up between the pair on his WWE main roster debut after a scrap full of countless near-falls at Elimination Chamber. They produced much of the same in their second encounter, which while won by Cena to level their feud at 1-1, made Owens look like he was near invincib【2020年135期玄机跑狗图 】le. To say this had a big fight feel would be an understatement – it was like a WrestleMania main event. The two men taunted and slugged away at each other from the start, Owens mocking Cena by hitting him with his pa

tented shoulder tackles and Five Knuckle 【13661con王中王持 】Shuffle. Cena for his part was pulling out moves seldom seen from him – n【2020年六肖十中八永久公式 】ot all of them well executed – and worked 【2o丨9年111期四不像生肖图片是什么生肖 】hard to help Owens shine. The United States Champion survived a cannonball splash in the corner and a senton bomb, before hitting his AA on Owens in the middle of the ring. But the NXT Champion kicked out on two, causing Cena in uncharacteristic fashion to argue with the r

eferee over whether it was a three-count.【神童送四肖中特料 】 If that made Owens look tough, he seemed near unstoppable when he missed Cena with a beautiful two-step moonsault, then took another AA, only to somehow kick 【2019,114期资料 】out of another pinfall. He countered

a frustrated Cenas attempt at a superplex into a super inverted netbreaker and dragged himself to the ropes when locked in an STF. Cenas messy attempt at Code Red couldnt keep Owens down, but neither could a Pop-up Powerbomb in return finish Cena. Owens was ba

rking at him to stay d【fc369特彩吧报码开奖直播现场 】own and give up, which of course was the cue 【2020年25期藏宝图 】for Cena to hit a sloppy springboard stunner, then an AA for the win. Post-match Cena got on the mic and told Owens he had earned his place in WWE, offering h【小鱼儿玄1站 】im a handshake, which the Canadian accepted. But in a brilliant conclusion Owens kicked him in the gut【看图开特马027期2020跑狗图 】 and viciously powerbombed him on the ring apron, laughing manically as he left the area. Fans simply cannot wait for Cena vs Owens III. John Cena after being powerbombed on the ring apron by Kevin Owens (Image: WWE) A match that was significantly better than some expected was the bout between Paige and WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella. Nikki is now 【今晚上买什么特马2020 】back in full-on spiteful he【三中三肖期期准免费 】el mode and smashed Paige【跑狗一字曰 人 图片 】 into a barrier and the apron before doing mocking push-ups in the ring. Norwichs finest hit a nice side kick for a two-count and survived a robust spinebuster and Alabama slam. Nikki fought out of a PTO and responded with a springboard kick, then managed to lift he【马王四不像读 】r shoulder after he【香港赛马会娱乐官网 】r Rack Attack was countered 【无错九霄网站 】into the challengers Ram-Paige finisher. While clawing at each other on the top turnbuckle, both Di【大定数 玄机图 】vas fell to the floor, enabling Nikkis twin sister Brie to emerge from under the ring and swap with her to t【900900藏宝阁香港马会 】ry and deceive the referee. However, her attempt at a roll-up was reversed and Paige got the three count, before mistakenly celebrating winning the title. Brie revealed it was her not Nikki – comically re【77498四不像 com 】moving tissue paper she had stuffed her bra with to look like her surgically-enhanced twin – and when Paige was distracted, Nikki nailed her Rack Attack and retained the title. It was an imaginative ending and this feud has plenty more left in the tank. The Bellas celebrate Nikkis sneaky victory over Paige (Image: WWE) In another successful title defence, Intercontinental Champion【管家婆话跑狗论坛 广东 】 Ryback held his belt against Big Show with a little bit of help from The

【2020马会第一综合资料是 】Miz. In a short match Ryback came out firing on all cylinders, hitting Show with a spinebuster and meat hook clot【115图库彩图六合 】hesline. He then attempted his Shellshock finisher, before blasting him over the top rope. T

he Big Guy attacked The Miz on commentary and tossed him over the announce table, but back in the ring was flattened by Show. At one stage Ryback locked the giant in an arm bar, before taking a big chokeslam that put his championship in jeopardy. But Th

e Miz attacked first Show and then Ryback with a microphone, leading Show to win by disqualification. Ryback managed to retain his Intercontinental Championship against the Big Show (Image: WWE) The one title change of the night was slightly disappointing for those like me who have been a big fan of The New Days run with the WWE Tag Team Championships. With Kofi taking part【1肖中特图 】 in the earlier ladder match, it was down to Xavier Woods to help Big E defend the straps against The Prime Time Players. The duo stamped on Darren Young with smug delight, Big E swinging the challenger into a dropkick by Woods and hurling him across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E has really come on as a heel during this spell and the way he kept clapping in Youngs face was priceless. However, when the big man Titus ONeill made the hot tag he cleared house, smashing into Woods with a monstrous shoulder tackle. Big E speared Young through the ropes to the outside in what looked like a painful spot – the big man landing awkwardly on his shoulder. Titus was then able to hit his sitout spinebuster on Woods for a surprising win and the first championship gold of his WWE career. He and Young definitely possess the required look and charisma and with ever-improving ring work, could be set for a good run【四肖必中一期绝不改料 】 with The New Day. The Prime Time Players celebrate winnin【三个蛋猜一肖 】g the WWE World Tag Team Championships (Image: WWE)